Fall On Your Sword

by Daphne Lee Martin

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Fall On Your Sword is Daphne’s fourth full-length album, and the first to be produced by the songwriter herself. This collection of songs was written as a whole, threaded together with “stories we heard as children” encompassing memories of fables, fairy tales, Bible stories, mythology, poetry, cautionary tales, traditional folk songs, and American popular culture of the 20th century.

Where this album’s forebears Moxie, the “hooker with a heart of gold” and sister album Frost, the “sweetheart” were all variations on a woman’s approach to love and lust, Fall On Your Sword cuts into the meat of who we truly are on our very own. It is a journey into the dark places of our own personalities and desires, our limitations and fears, and inherent flaws. It demands that we confess, accept, and grow beyond those limitations.

Fall On Your Sword was recorded with 25 of the finest musicians Daphne has met on her extensive US tours. It is the most lush and expansive production in her catalog, with elements of hot jazz, indie folk, latin, opera, hip-hop, and cinematic pop.

Recent praise for Daphne’s music:

“Daphne Lee Martin is the voice of futuristic folk-rock/alternative-roots music... exploring the outer reaches of nostalgic melody... ” ~ Jim Apice, No Depression

“Martin’s style is Highly unique, giving new tinges and interpretations to every song....” ~ Bill Bodkin, Pop-Break

“Crooner Daphne Lee Martin is, in every sense of the word, true to her craft.” ~ Pen’s Eye View


released October 2, 2015

For all media requests, please contact Bill at Team Clermont.
585 Barber St, Athens, GA 30601
(706) 548-6008



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Daphne Lee Martin New London, Connecticut

Moxie takes Daphne’s beloved traditional southern roots sounds and runs them through megaphones, mellotron, a very old tube amp, a swamp and a dark alley or two. As always, the lyrics are fermented and distilled in a bathtub full of misfit Interbellum prose. ... more

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Track Name: Eskimo Bro
Eskimo Bro
what makes me easy is never the coming so much as the leaving behind

i wonder sometimes if heaven’s a place where the rivers all flow with gin we only ask for the things that we need and the men are still there in the morning falling from grace is the simplest plan forever the same old saw to be a “good man” is all that they want and it’s be a “good sport, won’t ya, doll?” you’ll be a “good sport, won’t ya, doll?”

i wonder sometimes if when I die and the stories are passed around will all of my lovers find one another as they lower me into the ground lower me into the ground, boys won’t you lower me into the ground lower me into the ground, brave boys won’t you lower me into the ground

there’s a dream in every penny at the bottom of the well but her teeth in a hot fresh kill is how the wildcat measures her wealth

a tin of bull durham and a hard day’s sweat the trace of a man of g-d my heart started three tornadoes as it passed through Omaha and it’s truly a miracle, truly a miracle that tender conscience of yours how hard it must be to live with the man who woke up in my arms

there’s a dream in every penny at the bottom of the well but her teeth in a hot fresh kill is how the wildcat measures her wealth
Track Name: Bees Made Honey In the Lion's Head
every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man, you’re a wolf with a closet full of wool
and i have never been a victim but baby you’re so cool
you never see the nests until the leaves have blown
the birds have flown and you’re eating crow, you never see the nests until the birds have flown

samson went soft for a woman, Slept in the joy of his sins
woke to cry “delilah why’d you do me wrong”, “it was the least i could do for my kin
and if your god would forsake you so easy, don’t the proudest go down so hard
what good is the strength of a thousand men if you’ve got no heart?”

if i had my way i would tear this building down

now the bees made honey in the lion’s head and the beasts have cleaned the bones
an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye, can’t you hear jerusalem moan
Track Name: Saint Ambrose Kills His Darlings
Saint Ambrose Kills His Darlings
there is no use setting fires for the sake of walking coals
you can hide the flames but what will you do about the smoke?
in the folding bellows then out among the combs
a haze to calm my weary soul and soothe my aching bones

will you make your darlings your doubts and throw a match on oil
and make this unholy mistake?
or will you lay everything down
on the one in a million chance that you have what it takes
to fly through the candle and not burn in the flame?

you can try and tame me, make me your queen
but it is the wise bee makes more honey than he needs
beautiful to see her when she opens to the day
but the blossom’s only sweetest once the bee has had his way

there is a fire that we all must walk through
Track Name: I'd Take A Bullet For You
wake up, I’ve had the craziest dream, we hatched the craziest scheme
and sure enough you’re here asleep beside me
the perfect drug run through both of our bloods
i’m such a sucker for a happy ending

wake up and make love to me

you are silk and cotton, i am burlap and wool
but you laugh at all my gallows humor
with all the trappings of a fallen angel
the way i look at you starts wildfire rumors

wake up and make love to me
Track Name: Dreamchaser
when the night falls and the sun goes sinking to the west
the light fails and all creatures go into the rest

i will find you

the night holds my secrets like I hold my skirts
up around my knees and i’m climbing barefoot through your dreams

i will find you

there on each shoulder sits the night and day
your silence suspends me as your eyes hold sway

i can hear music in the falling rain
you’re painting me dancing in your waking dreams
Track Name: Yet the Sea Is Never Full
rivers begin in mountains and search till they find the sea
easy as we fall together sure as you’ll make your way to me

wall on studs, skin on bones
lust on love, reap as sown
to the place streams come from
they return and the sea is never full

man’s mind is never satisfied, no riches nor honor does he gain
no profits for all his labor underneath the sun

but I will take that sun into my mouth and none but light will issue out
call me lawless, far too free, this river’s always been enough to fill my cup for me
Track Name: Love Is A Rebellious Bird
Love Is A Rebellious Bird surely i tell you today, you think you hold it fast, and it flees! once you said i was an angel how did i ever fall from grace when the only thing between us love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame it’s useless to chase it if it won’t play the game if i had been a better lover if i had been a better friend caught between the eagle and the snake all i could give to you was bourbon and a place to lay your head there are nights i pray the lord my soul to take and lights gone out too soon but how much of our fate will we give over to the moon? And they were drunk, drunk on the venom g-dless people, crushed beneath the heel of jesus christ jesus christ, jesus christ there are nights i pray the lord my soul to take and lights gone out too soon but how much of our fate will we give over to the moon?
Track Name: La Rochefoucauld & A Bottle Of Boone's Farm
tear the heads off the matches light the fuse with your cigarette
i’ll bury my head in your shoulder tricks of a summer we’ll never forget
and the soft brush of cotton stained green from the fresh cut grass
i’m drinking strawberry wine you are driving way too fast

and the only love that we do not choose is our first
but I do not intend to regret you

nothing else matters blown out on the stereo
don’t give a damn where we’re headed my hand’s a wing out the car window
and the breeze in my hair paints the whole town red
the old folks smile when they see it makes them remember when

the only love that we do not choose is our first
Track Name: Laughing Place
Laughing Place
wash the canvas all in gold as the floor of heaven
to bleed through every color

so shines a good deed in a naughty world
how far that little candle throws his beams

please don’t fling me into that briar patch lord knows i might never find my way back

i don’t believe in heroes, greater glory dims the less
and secrets have a way of corroding their containers

so you stole fire from the gods, this precious gift
some use for right and some for wrong

you can use the master’s tools to unmake the master’s house
but where will you run when the final judgment comes
Track Name: Willing Victim
dressed all in chains and carnations, you practice your divination
and i am hopelessly lost in the prestige
don’t a ship need an anchor, don’t a ship need a sail
but here i am making my bed in the belly of a whale

lie to me lie to me, please just be kind to me
i know i’ll find no sympathy here

ain’t it sad nothing binds us together like a common enemy
ain’t it sad nothing tears us apart like the love of a stranger
the bets we have hedged are gathering dark till the thunder rolls in and breaks them apart
don’t we fear what we wish for and hear what we want?

lie to me lie to me…

you leaf through the pages of my open book
and you ink in the margins your perfect hook
i put on my makeup as the curtains rise
i know how this thing will end before the first line dries

lie to me lie to me…
Track Name: A Maturity Of Proof
what’s the sense of crying, sighing or dying, milk was all but made to spill
the devil is a dancer, the last great romancer, and what you want can break your will
they used to send girls like me swimming, the old women sewed all our skirts full of stones

but if the river proves too shallow, it’s off to the gallows, necks are all but meant to break
toss a loop of rope round the arm of the oak, in a spectacle of fear and hate
but if i should climb down from her branches, the cruel world will see it’s the fire for me

but with a heart as warm as brimstone, blue blood and white bone,
flesh was all but meant to burn
red will glow the embers but the devil remembers and sin must be repaid in turn