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released January 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Daphne Lee Martin New London, Connecticut

Moxie takes Daphne’s beloved traditional southern roots sounds and runs them through megaphones, mellotron, a very old tube amp, a swamp and a dark alley or two. As always, the lyrics are fermented and distilled in a bathtub full of misfit Interbellum prose. ... more

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Track Name: Sweet & Low Down
This is the sweet and low down of it, Losing it all feels like nothing
When you’ve got nothing left to lose, except those Sweet & Low Down Blues
The lip of your hat pouts like a child being cute to try to get his way
And I keep doing shots of you so I can feel you coursing
Through my veins, Flood it all away like a big rain
Falls from my shoulders in freckles and sweat and pain from the burn of the sun
Pops and crackles like a phonograph record one too many times spun
Aren’t you the quiet one, aren’t you having any fun?
I try to divine a version of the truth that you can believe for tonight
And I’m getting so good at it I’ve nearly convinced myself
This water is wine, or that you could be mine
I hang like a suit that has been fitted to too many men, Let out and hemmed in
I’m prowling through alleys of discarded reasons you should care
Till I throw my hands up in the air, Such a pretty despair
Track Name: Whiskey & Sin
Your glasses slip down your nose & my knees are gonna give
Run your fingers through your hair and i have to bite my lip
To keep my heart from boiling over & spilling on my shoes
and telling my awful truth
There is something tender in the way you kick off your boots
Fold your hands behind your head and sigh
And take all of me in, breathing whiskey and sin
At the end of yet another long day
you say you don’t know how you do it, you don’t know how you do it
don’t know how you do it to me
Well you rim my lips with sugar & you rim my eyes with stars
Your laugh is warm as summer & your trust is full of scars
Tonight your eyes are all packed up & your voice is put to rest
Seems it’s never been enough, my best
and i don’t know how you do it…
baby, i will bare my crooked teeth till you will only spare a grin
there’ll be a mouthful of love dripping down my chin
and in the deafening silence, you will begin
to show me how you do it to me
Track Name: Belly
I'll admit I love this running around
But not all the way, not with you not now
Your voice always carries over the crowd
And the room goes up in the flames of my cheeks

We have all the time in the world right now
I talk crazy, I weave smiles around
Them all to keep them from knowing
This insatiable desire is growing

My lungs fill with the air from your lungs
And I am drunk in an instant
My nails dig into the skin of my thighs
To keep my tongue from loosing the truth
Loosing it all over you

If I could step outside for a cigarette
Just to calm the hardest moments of it
If I could put my eyes onto something I wanted more
But it's you I adore

Our other lovers howl to the sound
Of a want, they don't know
How their bodies burn down to the embers
We've already made of ourselves

So cheers, darlin', to all the time in the world
Here's to what we cannot have
Here's to the years we've already survived
The unspoken dialogue of our lies
Track Name: House That Built Itself
This old house won't be level again
And its corners will never be square
But the steam radiator will polish me up,
A spitshine
If you see the spark in my eyes
past their sermons that pleasure is sin
Then their iron made to wound us will rust in the rain
And we will not stand condemned
The tide pushes back up the river
Until the world seems upside down
And I will linger in my own worst danger
Until the levee comes crashing down
Hold me up tot he naked bulb
Swirl me around in your glass like wine
The bouquet of your skin lingers here on my breath
I will sing in your blood like a wolf in the night
Honey, you know we can weather this storm
Through the flood and the rage and the fire
And I will live fearless in this crazy world
Knowing you are my one desire
Track Name: Molotov
Our saviors must be in a drunken row
& they’re kickin’ up mischief in the clouds
but you’re a molotov cocktail
smashing through the window of my heart
come on baby, burn me to the ground
You ring my bell and go running for the hills
The flesh is weak but the spirit wills
We were sitting in the hearth
& the fire burned so hot
We couldn’t tell our fear from our thrill
Gin never tastes so good
As when I am in this mood
and I wanna get stirred, not shaken
It’s only then my joints stop achin’
Everything burns that is not stone
When all the smoke clears off
I’ll patch up the shingles of the roof
to keep the angels out
But you can poke your umbrella through
the gaping hole of my want
Track Name: Faithless Beauty
Tonight the blues are catching me just like the gutter catches rain
And I’ve heard for every pleasure there must be an equal pain
Your heart’s an anvil and I’m sinking fast
Trying to hold onto it trying to make it last
Your voice is the judge and jury of my sincerity
But I’m still not the protagonist I never claimed to be
One look at you is like trading my shovel for a spoon
Looking up helpless at this mountain I must move
Spit me out like a broken tooth, gushing warm blood on your gums
Lick your lips and the taste of your miss like a razor on your tongue
Tell me how did you want it how did you think that it would be?
Rumour on the street is that your shiny new gal
Looks/sings a hell of a lot like me
If you think I’ve come here to allay your fears
Let me make this one thing unquestionably clear
If I knew the ending before I saw it done
I’d blow all your faithless beauty off to kingdom come
Track Name: Whispers
All your whispers in the dark
Are promises you'll never keep
I saw you walking in the park in your sleepless reverie
But you know she'll never love you like me
And those easy lies you're seeking she speaks

All your whispers in the dark
Tell me things that cannot be
Like the beating of a heart will never cease
And all your words are ringing empty as me
While those easy lies you're seeking she speaks

There's a fire in the sky
A light that's growing by the moment
And it's time to say goodbye before I realize
That you got everything you came for from me
And those easy lies you're seeking she speaks
Track Name: Friendliest Room In Town
The bodies pile in and the kettle’s on the boil
Friendliest room in town starts with a smile from a boy
There’s an easy warmth on the evening breeze
Regretless bounding joy of a moment I could seize
And the box is playing Williams, not the second or the third
Tthe clock gave a sudden fright, poor hands afraid of heights
And someone’s going down tonight
I summon all my talents to balance on the fence
But my face feels like the inside of a shoe
I listen to the wind just looking for a word
But it’s been miles since the last I heard of you
Just then the floor began to shudder
and the walls began to tilt
And the smiling boy’s intentions are all riddled with guilt
And the box is playing Waits, so why should I hesitate
When I am burning from both ends & the hour is getting late & I’m going down tonight
Whiskey misted memories interrupt each other often
So I say let’s just let our bodies do the talkin’
Walking wounded, telling stories
Seeking glories to soften our woes
And the box became a siren, and the sky is getting light
And it’s time to say good night
Track Name: A Little Bit
I wanna, a little bit, just gotta, a little bit
I wanna, a little bit with you
All that you say is picture perfect
All I can pray is that you’re worth it
I wanna, a little bit with you
I wanna, when it’s cold outside
When I’m with you, time goes flying by
We’ll run away and build a place in Oregon
And there we’ll stay and laugh our cares away
I wanna, to the beat of the band
I wanna, in the palm of your hand